What's the FX automated trading tool“AUTO SYSTEM”?

  • This system simply applies the technic used by a hedge fund that have never experienced loss for 40 weeks!
  • It makes a successful by using finest method in theory. You could absolutely win by a little fund and time!
  • When forecasting rapid changing on rate, the system lets you know about it by LINE.
  • This system uses hedge accounting. Even if the unexpected result occurs against trading by the forecast of the system, you could make a profit.

Profit performance

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Price: 98,000 yen (tax excluded)

If you apply for this tool by the end of February, you would get special offers.

  • Special offer 1
    Monthly usage fee: 15,000yen→0yen

    ※After purchasing, you need never pay monthly fee.
  • Special offer 2

    You can get‘The Affiliate manual booklet: How to get from 200,000 yen to 300,000 yen in cash by yourself’by PDF file. Let’s get funds for FX trading!

    ※After we confirm payment, you could get special offer 2.

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  1. Please set up to receive our mail‘info@softwareproductioncenter.com’.
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It is not the product that secures the profit.

FX trading involves taking risks. It’s possible that you suffer a loss in some cases.

Besides, it costs a brokerage commission for the broker when trading FX.