Our basic guidelines

To be honest.

We believe that to be honest is always important.

We sincerely and honestly correspond with you even if it may cause loss of our direct benefit.

For example, We sometimes talk to you, "It's more reasonable for you to buy this software on the market in direct way." or "In terms of this case, ○○○ company has more experience and knowledge than us. I recommend you to consult ○○○ company." In some cases, it may cause temporary conflict.

However, we believe that if we keep talking with sincerity, you could finally understand us.

To put ourselves in your position.

Our knowledge is limited. Of course we have knowledge about programming.

However, we are totally amateur regarding contents of your business.

We believe that to put ourselves in your position and understand contents of your business are productive ways to effective proposal for your system construction.

We consider that to understand and study your business are more important than our knowledge we have at present.

To make customers happy.

When we make our variable customers and people around us happy through the business, we feel definitely rewarding.

We are always thinking how we could make you happy while dealing with daily work.

The policy of system construction

In terms of system construction and programing, we have to understand a lot of points such as cost management, schedule management or safety control and so on.

Of course we study above points as engineers. On this page, we additionally describe our policies that we consider thoroughly.

To boost whole system performance.

When we construct programing, we sometimes only focus on contents of program. In some cases it affects whole functions in a negative way. For example, in case that some machinery errors occurs, some programmer only adds one button to recover the machine automatically. Nevertheless, it actually might be easily and more secure to simply modify the part the error occurred by hand and restart it.

It's obviously more effective to include solution to errors during constructing than recover it automatically by spending a large amount of money on. We always keep saying "Don’t fail to see the big picture."

To simplify

When constructing system, you may want to some convenient functions at the stage of constructing. After completing programing at certain stage, you sometimes think "If some more things are added, it will be more convenient." And it is often happened that you add extra functions. It is relatively easier to add buttons on the screen when constructing programing than designing big machines. Of course, if the function is really necessary and effective on the whole, it should be inserted absolutely.

However, to add extra functions cause problems even if it won't be utilized.

Of course, cost is rising. Moreover the possibility of the risks which negatively affects code maintenance and quality of programing gets higher. Also, it's inconvenient for operators to add "unused buttons". We are sure that it is faster and more secure to select appropriate buttons from 20 buttons than 5 buttons.

It's important that we manage to not include unnecessary functions.

To enjoy system construction

System construction is sometime tough. We often hear that they feel pressured or stressed out a l lot because of the deadline, process delay of project and unexpected troubles.

However, the one who is in charge of system construction is always "human being". We are sure that we could achieve productive results while communicating enough and trusting each other.

Moreover, we could enjoy getting involved in system constructing if we never forget gratitude.

Though we never have cozy relationship, we manage to take time for relaxing while having a sense of tension.

To clarify each task

Various devices and many people are involved in system construction. We often classify parts by types, such as electric, machinery or software for construction at first. And when considering whole system, we decide which function are processing for each propose, for example "This function will be constructed by machinery." "This motion will be processed by electric."

At initial stage of construction, there are relatively few problems that we consider which type (electric, machinery of software) are processing thoroughly.

However, even after completing certain level of construction, we sometimes need to modify specification of system while processing or installation.

At that time, we have to judge which part are dealing with the modification very carefully.

If you don't judge with no consideration of essence of the modification or process, it's difficult to solve the problems in case that maintenance or additional modification are needed latter.

For example, in case that the machinery process does not work properly, some people try electric or software process.

In fact we have to find out why the process does not work properly and deal with the problem as priority. Nevertheless, some people try to substitute for electric or software easily.

Of course, we sometimes need to substitute for other ways because of time limitation or budget. However, it is important to not settle for easy way. We have to try our best in every cases.

Our filed of expertise and weak field

All company and departments have specific expertise and weak field.

Our filed of expertise and weak field are as follows.

We are hoping that our customers understand these things and we would like to lead to high development.

Our field of expertise

  • processing equipment and measurement instrument by embedding PC, PLC or various NC equipment
  • I/O control, analog measurement control and motor control equipment construction with PC by embedding various control board
  • measurement control equipment by utilizing various sensor
  • integrated system by utilizing network such as socket communication to other PC
  • analysis system and judgement system based on algorithm for various measurement date
  • new equipment development by utilizing newly developed and released device or sensor
  • small - scale data management by utilizing open - source database

Our weak field

  • We have few experience to deal with OA handling procedure or arrangement and test for specification.
  • We have few experience to deal with module development on big scale project. Since it's difficult to grasp relationship with whole schedule or other module, our work efficiency of them would be low.